Setting up MediaWiki on Heroku

We wanted to be able to set up a small wiki for a project and decided to go with MediaWiki as it is a well established technology that I have used it many times. I have been playing around with Heroku recently and really like the simplicity. I wondered if it was possible to host a MediaWiki site on Heroku, for free, as a proof of concept. The official documentation does not include support for PHP but I know others out there have managed it. After some trial and error here is what I came up with:Read More »


How to generate PDF from a Cloud-based CRM – Aspose.Pdf for Cloud Review

An honest review of Aspose.Pdf for Cloud by Dan Bailey

I’d been tasked with providing some Microsoft Dynamics CRM customisation and integration for one of our clients. One of the requirements was to be able to automatically generate a quote in pdf format based on data provided from their CRM system.

Usually PDF generation is not a big deal and there are many ways to approach it, but on this occasion, we were presented with an issue; the customer’s Dynamics solution was hosted in the cloud, rather than on one of their own servers, and because of this we couldn’t use any external packages that would require additional files such as custom assemblies or executables.

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