nopCommerce Plugin Development – Part 2 – Creating your first nopCommerce plugin (development template)

Part 2 – Creating your first plugin

Now we’ve been introduced to the basics of nopCommerce, we can crack on with writing the plugin. I have included a VS starter project to download – if you feel comfortable with everything below feel free to download this solution (see end of this post) and skip to the next post.


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The consequences of changing entity states from plug-ins in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

Changing the state of an entity from within a Plugin in Dynamics CRM has always been a fairly well documented process.

You create the following object:

var stateRequest = newSetStateRequest() {
    EntityMoniker = newEntityReference("entitylogicalname", entityId),
    State = newOptionSetValue(stateValue),
    Status = newOptionSetValue(statusValue)

And pass it to the OrganizationService to execute the request like so:

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nopCommerce Plugin Development – Part 1 – The Fundamentals

Part 1: Introduction to nopCommerce and fundamentals

Writing your first plugin for nopCommerce can be an intimidating experience. Tutorials and in-depth documentation is thin on the ground, probably due to the relative recentness of the framework.

This tutorial series aims to bridge this gap and provide an easier first approach to developing for nopCommerce

By the end of this series, you will have built a plugin that allows simple key-value meta data for products to be inserted into a new table. This data will be displayed on the home page via a widget, and new data will be added when an order is placed (using the events capabilities built into the framework).

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Why we use Backbone.js


By Paul Clift

1      Requirement

Create a rich and interactive user experience on a website that performs smoothly for the user.

2      The traditional approach

The traditional approach to creating a rich client side user experience would be to use a JavaScript library such as Jquery.  While this is not the wrong approach, and we can still use Jquery, it does introduce a number of pit falls….

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