What is Laravel? The world of PHP

The need for structure
The biggest problem with PHP is that it lacks any structure straight out of the box. Most amateur PHP programmers start out by writing raw PHP with no type of structure which is usually a pretty bad idea, the main reasons being security, organization of the code and wasted time. In order to deal with this you can provide your projects with a strong initial structure in the form of a framework.Read More »


Life as an apprentice at Performance Web

My Story

Technology is essential in most people’s lives and yet its complexity is so often overlooked. The fact that technology continues to expand and develop is what fascinates me. This rapid expansion allows people to communicate in ways that would have amazed, even those within the industry, only a few years ago. My personal ambition is to aid people to communicate with others via software, whether that be through a business website, native app or even through
more personal technology. Take Snapchat for instance, such a simple idea enhanced with software, enables people to connect with each other around the world. The ever changing and improving nature of technology is what primarily captivates me.

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Happy Holidays from Team Performance Web

happy Holiday

We’ve had a spectacular 2014 with continued expansion in our development team, client retention is at 100% and we have gained new clients and created new partnerships.

As we look back, we would like to acknowledge those who have helped us shape our business into what it is today and what it will become in 2015. Thanks for a great year, and we wish you all the best as you embark on 2015. For new customers and partners we are thoroughly looking forward to a continued strengthening relationship as we head into 2015.

Team Performance Web

nopCommerce Plugin Development – Part 2 – Creating your first nopCommerce plugin (development template)

Part 2 – Creating your first plugin

Now we’ve been introduced to the basics of nopCommerce, we can crack on with writing the plugin. I have included a VS starter project to download – if you feel comfortable with everything below feel free to download this solution (see end of this post) and skip to the next post.


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The consequences of changing entity states from plug-ins in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

Changing the state of an entity from within a Plugin in Dynamics CRM has always been a fairly well documented process.

You create the following object:

var stateRequest = newSetStateRequest() {
    EntityMoniker = newEntityReference("entitylogicalname", entityId),
    State = newOptionSetValue(stateValue),
    Status = newOptionSetValue(statusValue)

And pass it to the OrganizationService to execute the request like so:

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Partnerships: Web Developer meets Graphic Designer

3 years ago we set out to grow our business and find a niche set of partnerships that would develop for us in the long-term. Jim (the boss) identified that Graphic Designers often needed a software developer to satisfy the needs of the clients, who are increasingly wanting more than a simple flat brochure website. As websites have evolved over time the complexity on the back end and on the UI has grown.

We started off in a simple old fashioned way, identifying local graphic design agencies and calling them to offer our services. In return we would often require theirs too, as UI design is not part of our skillset.

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Do I need a mobile responsive website for my business?

By: Fiona Blake

Do I need a mobile responsive website for my business?

First of all let’s start by asking if you have ever visited a website on your phone/tablet and couldn’t see the website properly. You probably had to zoom in to see pictures and/or scroll from one side to the other to read the text. On a scale of 1-10 I bet the experience was no better than 6. I visit websites all the time on both my phone and my tablet at home and it’s very frustrating when companies haven’t put any thought/time/care/attention into their end users or customer experience.

What is a mobile website (as opposed to a mobile responsive website)?

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What’s the best project management tool for software developers?

We have spent the past month evaluating a number of project management products and we are pleased to announce that Performance Web has selected Jira by Atlassian as our Development and Support issue tracking solution.


Performance Web were looking for a system to manage development tasks and track support tickets. We were looking for a system that would meet the needs of managers, developers, testers, project managers and clients. Working in a variety of environments, a flexible and dynamic solution was needed and Jira was the best solution for our needs.


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Setting up MediaWiki on Heroku

We wanted to be able to set up a small wiki for a project and decided to go with MediaWiki as it is a well established technology that I have used it many times. I have been playing around with Heroku recently and really like the simplicity. I wondered if it was possible to host a MediaWiki site on Heroku, for free, as a proof of concept. The official documentation does not include support for PHP but I know others out there have managed it. After some trial and error here is what I came up with:Read More »